About me . . .


Since an early age, I have been interested in the technical side of video-making, particularly special effects, and started creating and editing my own videos when I was thirteen, producing simple stop frame animations.  This sparked my imagination further and increased my passion for the craft and the industry.  In short, I realised that this was something I wanted to follow as a career path.

Skills & Training

My BTEC course gave me a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and to experience film-making in all its aspects, not just editing. I learned and developed many invaluable skills and techniques covering the whole production and effects process – storyboarding, pre-production, cinematography, sound, lighting, post production etc. –  to help meet the specific needs of clients who require professional corporate videos.

I also initiated an educational blog to aid fellow students who were editing videos using ‘Adobe Premiere’, ‘Adobe After Effects’ – which I’ve been employing since the age of thirteen and am fully conversant with – as well as other advanced software programs.

As my course progressed, my ability and commitment was recognised by several course tutors. They asked me to either create work for them personally or else put me in touch with local companies in order to assist in specific commercial projects.  This gave me yet more insight in working with real businesses whilst at the same time allowing me to hone my video production techniques

Client Examples

  • I produced a video for the ‘Swift Carpets’ company. My production skills along with my social networking experience enabled me to help them launch their first online campaign.
  • I have dealt with numerous clients on a daily basis whilst working for my father’s company, ‘Micro Update Ltd.’, a web design, social media and mobile technology business. This allowed me to understand how to communicate effectively with clients, and what information would be required to produce professional videos.
  • I produced a corporate video promotion for ‘Salamander Stoves’, a company manufacturing tiny wood burning stoves for a world-wide market. After an initial interview with the client, and a session creating the footage, the video was created and has been a great success being used in many online social media formats and campaigns along with their website. ‘Salamander Stoves’ has been a reliable client ever since and I have made a variety of videos for them including: promotional videos, cooking videos, un-boxing videos, and product videos.
  • I have worked for companies such as ‘Westwood Electric Meters and Timers’, a company that specialises in old and new electricity meters. They asked me to produce a series of videos explaining how to fit the new one pound coin into their older coin meters. I have also produced instructional videos on how to use a range of their meters.

Harry Camp Productions

Over the past two years, since the founding of my own company, I have undertaken to assist a number of local businesses, and my client roster is steadily growing. I am happy to report that the feedback generated thus far has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and positive, and I am eager to expand my portfolio and the company’s operations still further.

I have recently branched out into producing wedding service videos; my first was considered a complete success and the married couple were extremely pleased with the result. I am also looking to plan, film and edit videos for other formal engagements such as conferences, exhibitions, and after-dinner speeches.

In the future, I am seeking to move into the realm of editing for television programmes and the big screen, where I feel my passion and creative flare will be put to good use. As this is a long-term project of mine, I will continue, in the meantime, to apply my experience and expertise to businesses that require my diligent and professional services.