Magic Bullet Looks

Magic Bullet Looks is a plugin for After Effects, Premiere, photoshop, etc that allows you to easily colour grade you footage. You can load presets from colour grades other people have made or simply create your own unique colour grade to give your project that extra something. A great thing about Magic Bullet Looks is that a lot of people use this piece of software, Why is this good? Well if you are looking for that specific look, maybe a look you have seen on a film that you liked. As a lot of people use it, some people spend a good amount of time trying to match the colour correction in Magic Bullet Looks. This means all you the user has to do is download their preset and load it onto your footage.

What is Magic Bullet Looks?

Magic Bullet Looks is a plugin from Red Gaint that sits once downloaded in your effects and presets of your chosen program. When downloading you are able to choose which programs you wish Magic Bullet Looks to exist in. Magic Bullet Looks is a professional colour grading program. There are 100’s of different settings you can change and colour grading effects you can add (levels, contrast, colour contrast, ect). The thing I personally love about Magic Bullet Looks is how easy it is to add different things. All you have to do is drag and drop from the different effects they give you. Then you can go in and refine the effect. Below is some of the effects that you are able to simply drag and drop to apply onto your footage.

Magic Bullet Looks Effects

With colour grading and without colour grading