Concept Development & Time Based Design : Animated Persona

by | Nov 6, 2015

Motion Design Trends (2015)

Flat Design

Flat design has become very popular over the last couple of years. ‘Tom May’ says this about Flat design,

‘Flat design is a minimalistic design approach that emphasizes usability. It features clean, open space, crisp edges, bright colours and two-dimensional/flat illustrations. Bright, contrasting colours make illustrations and buttons pop from backgrounds, easily grab attention, and guide the user’s eye. Simple images convey messages more quickly than detailed illustrations.’

The great thing about flat design is that its fairly simple and cheap to make in a program such as ‘Adobe After Effects’. However today we are seeing a step on from 2d flat design into more 3d design work. 3d Design has been around a while, however is only now getting more fashionable.

Hand Drawn Hybrids

To design a stunning hand drawn motion graphic takes experience and time. Unfortunately we are seeing less hand drawn graphics today for the simple reason it take a lot longer than computer programs. Hand Drawn Hybrids go back to ‘The Golden Age of American Animation’. This was a duration in American history that began in 1929 and continued to the late 1060’s. Characters such as Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse emerged from this time.

This Amazing motion graphic is to help awareness about sexually transmitted infections. However, how they have made this animation by morphing one character or shape into another is stunning. This creates a fascinating smooth flow throughout the animation and everything just seems to fade into each other seamlessly.

Vector Organics

Vector Organics are the movement of something such as a human or animal. Vector Organics are simply a 2D flat image that is meant to represent objects from nature, plants, water, etc. A great example of this is ‘The Harrowing’. In this animation you can really see natural movements such as the sea, in a 2d space.

Multiple Skills

I took this show reel above as an example, it has so many different techniques and styles. I believe that in today society a motion graphic artists needs to have different styles to reach out to a whole range of clients. Although it is good to specialize in one aspect of graphic design, being able to switch between video editor, motion designer, compositor, etc will maybe give you that edge on someone who cant perform all those different aspects.

Color Theory

I have taken these 3 images as I found this theory astonishing to read about. The photos speak for themselves but the way colors are presented different in different countries is fascinating. This also relates to graphic effects, recently artists have been using more bright colors to pull in their viewers. I believe this is down to the attention span of the average viewer and how long it takes for them to lose interest in what they are viewing. A great example of this is on ‘Youtube’. Someone has 5 seconds to try and stop the viewer from hitting the ‘Skip Ad’ Button. Using bright colors is just one more way artists may attract and hold there viewer.

NPR ( Non-Photorealistic Rendering)

NPR is where instead of a CG animating artist trying to create a realistic world, 3D software is used to create a impressionistic animation that looks like a hand drawn piece of work.

Here’s an example by ‘Psyop’.

A lot of the time work like this is created through software such as ‘CelAction’ which gives you an illustration style and then after this can be put into programs such as ‘After Effects’ to animate.

CG-generated stop motion

‘Boxtrolls’, the film came out in 2014 and started a trend for using CG and traditional effects. While they used traditional photography, CG and VFX where used in the film. This was to either make the set or to animate some of the more complex animations.



My Idea is to animate the Pac-Man character going around one of my monitors to represent that I enjoy gaming. As Pac-Man is an iconic figure for gaming I thought it would be fitting.

Space Invaders

To represent my gaming side I’m also going to use the ‘Space Invaders’ game. Again ‘Space Invaders’ is a great way to represent ‘gaming’. This is going to be presented on the left monitor.

Animator vs. Animation

Some of my idea generation was developed through watching this video. This video is a great example of animation being used as if its coming from a monitor (PC). The way they use a very simple but yet effective figure in the animation and then animate the programs, Facebook, Flash, etc this really makes this video, unique and interesting.

Dual Monitor Animation

This is another animation that inspired me to use both of my monitors. I also really liked how it was very simplistic, with no background, this gave an idea for my motion graphic. I was going to keep my background in, but after seeing this video I changed my mind. The actual animation is very simple in this video but still gets the message across.

Basic Story Board

Here I have done a quick storyboard to visualize my idea before I go ahead and make it.

Animated persona project