‘Rhythm Of The Night’ Sound sync project… Final piece


Sound Sync is in so many different things within the media industry. Its in adverts, movies, TV programs, etc. Within my research I’am going to try and look at sound sync over all these different platforms to see how they have used it to benefit the material either to give there advert a uniqueness about it or use in a movie because it just would not feel right to have a different style of music to what we can see.

Chris Cunningham

Chris Cunningham is an amazing British music video director who uses sound sync perfectly. In some of his work such as ‘Rubber Johnny’ you can clearly see that the frantic music produced by Aphex Twin is synced with the weird video we are being presented with.


Kinetic Typography  

Kinetic typography seems to be everywhere no a days, from television commercials to website landing pages, movable type is a popular visual tool.

What is Kinetic Typography?

Kinetic typography refers to the creation of moving type. It is an animation technique that is used to make lettering expand, shrink, fly, move in slow motion, grow and change in numerous ways for the user. The effect can be simple and short with only small changes or quite elaborate and lengthy.

Kinetic typography use has almost exploded recently because of more use of the technique in web design. Once something that was only used in video and television, kinetic typography is gaining popularity as a background effect on websites and in web-based videos.

The Origins of Kinetic Typography

Researchers at the Human Computer Interaction Institute and School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University have traced the first use of kinetic typography to the 1959 Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 film “North by Northwest.” In the opening credits, type is used in a movable format. A year later, the effect was used again in “Psycho.” “This work stemmed in part from a desire to have the opening credits set the stage for the film by establishing a mood, rather than simply conveying the information of the credits,”

How I Plan On Using It?

I plan on using kinetic typography to show the lyrics of a soundtrack. The words of the song will pop up in sync with the song as its being sung. I want it to feel 2d but in a 3d space, so the words can freely move around to create a cool transition between the text.


My final Idea is to be along the lines of some sort of typography to a song. Basically showing the lyrics of the song as they are being heard. However just showing the words would be to boring so I’am planning on having the words move around in 3d space. Meaning I will be able to move them around in this 3d space from word to word to create a really cool effect. In the example below the words are being shown on screen in sync with the song however they are only in 2d space, however i have just used this video for an example of what i’m planning.

Maroon 5 – kinetic Typograpghy

From Paper to Screen

This is another amazing example of kinetic typography being used in sync with the music. In this video they are changing the text in time with the music but also the font style. This is great to look at for my own piece to see how the transiting the text and the font.

Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography – Language

This video is a great example of the look and feel that I’am going for in my own project. Firstly the text on screen is perfectly synced with voice over. Another thing I will taking from this is that the text moves around and also rotates. I really like how the text sometimes rotates 90 degrees, definitely will implement this in my final piece.


This video is great to study how they transition between text. How sometimes all the text will fly upwards to give us a clear composition where more text will start forming. I also like and will take away how even though all the font is in 2d there are forms of 3d space in there. How sometimes the font will disappear into the background or the text will swivel on one of its axis (x,y,z).


Here is just a few videos that inspired me to do my idea.

Font I will be Using

I will be using the Typography Pro font style, using all of its different types of font. (Ultra Light, Light, Semi Bold and Extra Bold)